Pittsburgh Gynecologic Oncology Abroad

Dr. Price is dedicated to providing health care to women from underserved areas in the world. He has made six overseas trips since 2004 to Haiti, Guyans and Honduras. As Chair of the International Network of the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists, he has facilitated the development of overseas trips for members of the society. In addition, through Health Volunteers Overseas, he has helped in their mission to develop a cancer center in Honduras.

At Hospital San Felipe in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras in May 2010, Dr. Price participated as the first gynecologic oncologist providing lectures and clinical services. Hospital San Felipe is the primary referral hospital for cancer patients in Honduras. Approximately 40% of the cancer cases treated at the hospital have gynecologic malignancy, most of them suffering from cervical cancer.

When Dr. Price made similar volunteer medical service trips to Guyana, patients had been identified on previous screening trips by volunteers from Remote Access Medical. These women were from areas of southwestern Guyana where medical care is almost non-existent and the rates of cervical cancer are high.  They are transported by air and bus to the general hospitals of Georgetown, the national capital. Dr. Price led the surgical team consisting of an anesthesiologist, a Gynecologic Oncology Fellow-in-Training from Roswell Park Cancer Center in Buffalo, and an OB/GYN.