Pittsburgh Gynecologic Oncology develops the premier robotic surgery practice in Pittsburgh

Since performing the first abdominal hysterectomy in Western Pennsylvania with the daVinci surgical robot, on November 8, 2007, Dr. Price has gone on to perform hundreds more. In February, 2009, he presented his first 95 cases to the Pittsburgh OB-GYN Society. No other gynecologist or gynecologic oncologist in the city has that much experience with this new technology. Dr. Price has robotic surgery appointments with blocked operating time at UPMC Shadyside and West Penn Hospital.

Robotic surgery involves exact control of laparoscopic instruments by the surgeon, who sits at a computer console several feet away from the patient. The greatest advantage of the system is better visualization of the surgical area using a robotically controlled camera arm. With excellent magnification and precise binocular optics, tissue planes and blood vessels are more easily seen. Tiny hand-like instruments controlled by the surgeon can perform intricate tasks faster than traditional surgical or laparoscopic techniques. Complex operations can be accomplished with less loss of blood, less tissue damage, and the rapid recovery associated with minimally invasive surgery. For more information about this exciting new technology, see www.davincihysterectomy.com.

This minimally invasive surgical approach has many benefits for the patient, and can be appropriate for challenging conditions such as severe endometriosis and malignant diseases of the ovary, cervix and uterus.

Dr. Price has made a commitment to minimally invasive surgery for complex gynecologic surgery, and serves as a preceptor for other surgeons interested in learning robotic techniques. In addition, he has attended more than 40 hours of master classes with internationally renowned specialists to bring these latest techniques to Pittsburgh Gynecologic Oncology.