Why I support Global Links

Global Links is a Pittsburgh-based medical relief and development organization that redirects surplus medical supplies and equipment from local healthcare facilities to doctors and hospitals serving some of the poorest communities in the world.  I have volunteered there, and I keep them on my charity list.
Since I’ve worked in Haiti, Guyana and, most recently in Honduras, I’ve seen firsthand how patients are suffering, and medical personnel are frustrated, by a simple lack of supplies and equipment. And I’ve seen the enormous amount of waste in US hospitals.
Many hospitals in the Pittsburgh area – and I’m proud to say that both Shadyside and West Penn are among them – support the work of Global Links by setting aside the surplus items they can’t use, and that Global Links knows hospitals in developing countries can use.
Global Links receives support from the Pan American Health Organization and awards from Charity Navigator, Guidestar, Great Nonprofits, and a number of other organizations.  Visit their website when you have time – www.Globallinks.org.